April 2015

I see spring just ahead!! This has been a long, cold and tiresome winter, so for me to be able to shout that out is a big deal. I always tell my friends to not expect the last snow to fall until shortly after St. Patrick’s Day – and true to form, it snowed on
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March 2015

I love Ohio, I really do. But the weather outside- minus this and that, snow up to here, and streets that aren’t treated, somewhat keep me in the house and stir crazy. So I started making a list (I make lists for everything-nothing new here) about the things I wanted to update, change or remove
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February 2015

February has generally been a slow month for real estate; this month is no exception! The cold weather historically (December-March) keeps people from busting out and searching for new homes to buy and thereby, holding off on selling their homes. It is a vicious cycle really…If you as a buyer, can’t find a house that
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January 2015

I would love to say that I have great resolutions for 2015. Honestly, I think the pragmatist in me knows that I can only try…albeit try hard, but I know at my age, there is a very small success rate. I can still try to not curse. I will try not to eat sweets like
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