November 2015

It has been a crazy couple of months. If you wondered what happened to the October blog, believe me when I say, the month flew by, and with it, came some events. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and the family is trying to figure out how to slow the progression-with little luck. He
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September 2015

Before I put a house on the market, but after I meet the sellers, I set up an appointment with a professional stager who helps get the house “market ready”. It is a service that I offer to my clients to help them ease into the moving and packing experience. It is never meant to
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August 2015

I may be not be the greatest mother. No “World’s Best Mom” award was given to me by my kids. Not even a “Participation Award” by default. Why? Well besides the obvious to those that know my family…the most anticipated day for me when the kids were little was THE FIRST DAY of SCHOOL! Whoo
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July 2015

Several agents that I know have encountered appraisals that were so stunningly low, that the purchase contact fell off and died. This can be the number one death of a contract- not the price, not the closing date, not the people-the appraisals. That is why it is so important to price your home just right.
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June 2015

“From The Big House To Your House” is a video collaboration between the Columbus police and the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction which I watched on WTVN 610 website featuring 3 inmates serving time in Ohio prisons. These convicts were interviewed last year to give tips to homeowners on how to avoid a break-in of
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May 2015

I met with potential sellers the other day and after listening to their needs and concerns, I realized that they had heard horror stories from their neighbor who said that when his real estate agent put the “For Sale” sign in the yard, it was nearly the last time this seller heard from their listing
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