School is Near!

This summer has been flying by, not unlike the others in the past, but with all my kids driving now, I can’t keep track of who is where!

July always brings the new school supplies advertising out in full force. I loved shopping for back to school supplies! It wasn’t as fun when they went into middle school and certainly, high school was more stressful than taking final exams as a whole. When the teachers (love you out there) demanded that the math binders MUST BE 3” and red, then it’s not fun running around the city looking for this specific thing! I caught on to their “scavenger hunt for parents” though, I started buying plain, white 3” binder with a sleeve on the cover and put a piece of colored construction paper in it. HA!! I do miss the crayon search for $0.15- remember those old days? Maybe not, huh? Well I do, and I thought the day was complete and I felt like I conquered on those days. Never really got into the colored, paper folders with the 3 prongs….they fell apart on the third week- so I “splurged” and got the plastic folders; pricier but lasted longer.

So if you are keeping those flyers in the coming weeks to compare prices, have fun on those few days- it only a few hours of shopping for a solid 9 months of education.

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