Agent Advantage: Part 2

This month’s blog I wanted to touch on the topics of:  The safety of knowing who is in your home and why.  Last month I wrote about the “For Sale by Owner”, (FSBO) idea and how I thought it was a great way to save money- I have definitely changed my mind!

The one thing that FSBOs may not think about is safety.  HER Realtors are big on keeping us agents safe with apps, seminars, videos, lectures, and “what to do in this situation” when showing a house to nearly strangers!  When you are a FSBO, of course you will show your house to perceptive buyers-but, and this is a big but, I have never met a client feel comfortable when the owner of the house is home.  They feel like they are intruding and they do not talk freely with each other while they walk the house.  And it is hard for them to feel like they can make it their house if you are home!  Now, you could argue that, “I would sit outside.” Or “hang in the kitchen for them to ask any questions”!  Doesn’t work very well for the buyers to feel like they are sizing up your beloved house to see if its good enough for them!

So the next question a FSBO should ask themselves: “Who is coming into my house?” and I may add, “For what?”  You see, when agents take buyers into homes, we have much more information about them than you do.  We have asked questions that especially help them find the perfect home- and help them with financing.  We already know that that have been preapproved by their lender and that they are ready, willing and able to purchase soon.  A FSBO may have a nosy neighbor’s friend, a couple who is killing time on a Sunday, or quite honestly a thief casing out your place.  How would you know??   Granted, I may not know if they were thieves; but I, my brokerage, Columbus Board of Realtors, Centralized Showing Services, the service that monitors the electronic lockbox, Supra Technologies, and even you know what agent brought in whom to your house!    

Safety First!

Next month I want to write about the money part of selling your house- pricing the home, commissions, appraisal and inspections

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