Agent Advantage: Part 1

This month and the next, I wanted to focus on the “For Sale by Owner” seller. I used to think that it made a lot of sense and it would save a ton of money to sell my own house too! So I understand how important it is to save money and want to do it yourself because who knows more about your house than you? But I have since realized that if I did not use an agent, I am not fully maximizing the market and to get a house sold.

Let me see if I can explain this more deeply. If you hire an agent-no wait, this is my blog, I will use myself in the scenario! If you hire me, I will immediately put your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for all of Central Ohio which could be seen by thousands of agents and relocation companies. My listings immediately get uploaded onto:,,, and, as well as other brokerages websites. Then I put the property on my Twitter feed (@tricialallo), and have just recently put them into my monthly neighborhood newsletter (1400 of them), with all the information about the property for friends, family, or neighbors to get the word out.

HER Realtors is a well-known name and keeps ahead of the marketing tools. They have a curbside system that when you call the number at the bottom of the large, red sign in the yard, you get a recording of all the particulars of the property you are interested -without having the possible awkward conversation of talking to a person, or you can reach out to the listing agent if you want more information or to speak to us human agents. It’s like having those boxes in the front yard without having to get out of the car and pluck one out.

HER also has a mobile website that finds “Nearby Houses” or “Open Houses” near you; wherever you are at the time you hit the button- again, no one knows that you are on the site or that you are looking at a particular property, it’s simply a convenience thing. Speaking of Open houses, the MLS and any website that I associate with announces that an Open House will be held on “this day and time….”-something that with proper marketing, reaches many more people than just a simple, directional sign at the corner of a street. I will discuss more about Open Houses next month…..

Marketing and pricing your home are the most important aspects of selling your home. The more you put it “out there”, the more eyes will see it, want to tour it, or show someone who may be interested in it. When you sell your house by yourself you are relying on simple traffic and the people around you to spread the word-that doesn’t sell houses quick enough if the main reason for selling it yourself is to save money.

I will continue this blog next month and touch on the topics of: commission, pricing, title searching, home warranty, inspection, appraisals, and the safety of knowing who is in your home and why……

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