December 2015

The year is winding down, and with that the last minute holiday plans are concluding. I am pretty sure that not too many home owners are thinking about their house on the market right now– too many other things to mark off on their “To Do” list. But now is the time when you should think ABOUT next year if you are thinking about selling your house.

After all the celebrations have come to an end, the decorations have been put away for another year, the old and used things have been replaced (and donated) with the new and shiny things, you should be thinking about when you would like to move- with the moving truck. I purposefully wrote “move” because you have to think at approximately 60 days from that day, to sign the papers to accept an offer, (pending the inspection, appraisal and financing are a go). Then work back in time to figure the time that it is on the market for potential buyers to walk through and look at your house-this depends on the price and condition of your house. Then check your calendar farther back to consider what you need/want to do to get your house market ready for the buyers to fall in love with your house. Do you need to paint? Replace the carpet? Appliances looking worn and dated? Declutter? Yes, you do-most everyone does. All the while, you will need to start looking for a perfect house to move into….

All this comes to show you that a serious seller is well prepared and has been planning the move. If you are considering a move after the kids’ school is at an end (May/June), now is really a good time to start talking about what you need to do to get your house in the best condition it can be. There will be a lot of competition out there come spring- be ready when the gate opens- you want to be ahead of the others in the race.

Merry Christmas to you and your families and a safe and healthy New Year to you all.

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