September 2015

Before I put a house on the market, but after I meet the sellers, I set up an appointment with a professional stager who helps get the house “market ready”. It is a service that I offer to my clients to help them ease into the moving and packing experience. It is never meant to insult the sellers; but rather guide them from objective eyes who have no “skin in the game” to appeal to the larger mass of people (perspective buyers) that will be walking through their house to look to see if the house fits their needs, compliments their desires, and overall works well for the family.

The best kinds of staging involve as little personal touches as possible to allow the buyers to “see” their furniture “over there”. To hear things like, “Johnny could put his bed here and the Lego sets can fit into this cubby area” is a great sign that they think the house may work for them.

The stager is able to move things around to give a better flow to the room or remove items off the counter to make the countertops look cleaner and well kept. She will suggest that a piece of furniture be put in storage or in another place to make the room appear larger than with the piece.

I offer this to my sellers as an option- they absolutely don’t have to take up me up on the offer, some people have not. But it is something that I like to think sets me apart from the other real estate agents because I think clients deserve the best service that I can offer them.

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