August 2015

I may be not be the greatest mother. No “World’s Best Mom” award was given to me by my kids. Not even a “Participation Award” by default. Why? Well besides the obvious to those that know my family…the most anticipated day for me when the kids were little was THE FIRST DAY of SCHOOL! Whoo hoo!!! I would pick out their clothes, for the week, the night before the first day of school. I used to put the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year……” by Andy Williams (of course) as the message on our answering machine. Then on the first day of school at the bus stop, I would have mimosas prepared for all the moms and dads. All the other parents were taking pictures and wiping tears, and I am hustling them onto the bus, manipulating their little backpack up the steps so I can get one more sip in. I was spotted now and then literally doing a ‘lil jig and song’ when the bus drove off (I don’t think my kids saw me- can’t say for sure).

But all that is long gone. I have 3 in college that I miss. Every. Single. Day. I pray that I raised them well enough to be productive citizens in society and they forgive me for wanting to just sit for 3 hours without hearing “Mmmmooooommmmeeeyyyyyyy?” My baby will be driving next month and I don’t think she saw much of my taste for freedom. I think the baby kinda gets thrown into the mix, forgotten a bit maybe, but pulls out ahead in the end with all the extra stuff they end up getting.

Good memories. I wish you all a relaxing 2015-16 school year. And for the record, NO ONE turned down the drinks. Not one.

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