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June 2015

“From The Big House To Your House” is a video collaboration between the Columbus police and the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction which I watched on WTVN 610 website featuring 3 inmates serving time in Ohio prisons. These convicts were interviewed last year to give tips to homeowners on how to avoid a break-in of
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May 2015

I met with potential sellers the other day and after listening to their needs and concerns, I realized that they had heard horror stories from their neighbor who said that when his real estate agent put the “For Sale” sign in the yard, it was nearly the last time this seller heard from their listing
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April 2015

I see spring just ahead!! This has been a long, cold and tiresome winter, so for me to be able to shout that out is a big deal. I always tell my friends to not expect the last snow to fall until shortly after St. Patrick’s Day – and true to form, it snowed on
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March 2015

I love Ohio, I really do. But the weather outside- minus this and that, snow up to here, and streets that aren’t treated, somewhat keep me in the house and stir crazy. So I started making a list (I make lists for everything-nothing new here) about the things I wanted to update, change or remove
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February 2015

February has generally been a slow month for real estate; this month is no exception! The cold weather historically (December-March) keeps people from busting out and searching for new homes to buy and thereby, holding off on selling their homes. It is a vicious cycle really…If you as a buyer, can’t find a house that
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January 2015

I would love to say that I have great resolutions for 2015. Honestly, I think the pragmatist in me knows that I can only try…albeit try hard, but I know at my age, there is a very small success rate. I can still try to not curse. I will try not to eat sweets like
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